Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr. and Kamala Harris. Oskar Schindler, Jim Torpe and Jennifer Lopez.

A parade of stars and influencers of history were featured during William Floyd Learning Center’s inaugural Living Wax Museum Project this spring.

Students were tasked to choose a person they admire among historical and contemporary figures who have made significant contributions to their particular fields. Each youngster researched their choice, and then presented their findings via a poster presentation and by becoming a live “wax” figure by dressing up as the person they admire.

“In light of the times we are in, now more than ever, we need to develop young minds with a strong sense of self-worth and determination,” William Floyd Learning Center Assistant Principal Camelle Person said.

“The added bonus of having students look up historical influencers that were indicative of their own heritage and background allowed for our students to see the contributions of the vast majority of people that look like them or who they most relate to,” she added.

Students also chose such historical figures as Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, Isaac Newton, Booker T. Washington, Michelangelo, General Benjamin O. Davis Jr. and Maria Montessori, as well as more contemporary figures like boxing champ Muhammad Ali, NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, track-and-field star Usain Bolt, astronaut Neil Armstrong and pop star Beyonce.

“This project offered them a lens to see that success doesn’t happen overnight,” Person said. “It opened their eyes to limitless possibilities they can and will have in their future.” 

Enjoy the photos of the project below. They were provided by the William Floyd School District. Be sure to click on boxes 2 and 3 to see them all.