The long abandoned and dilapidated Shirley home that was once called “a Massapequa house” because of its grand size will be torn down, the Brookhaven Town Board ruled on Friday.

Board members voted unanimously to demolish and clean up the vacant property at 195 William Floyd Parkway. The vote came after a public hearing on the fate of the boarded-up, six-bedroom colonial at Baybright Drive.

Back in January, when Brookhaven Town Deputy Supervisor Dan Panico posted on Facebook about the scheduled public hearing, one of the original owners, Fran Fatone Micallef, reminisced about her family’s good times in the home.

“My husband Paul and I built this house for our family back in 1974. I watched my three boys grow up in that house,” Micallef, who years ago moved to Florida with her family, commented on Panico’s post. Her husband recently passed away.

“We had a wonderful life in our beautiful home… the memories we made in that house are priceless!” she added. shows that the half-acre property last sold for $435,000 in January 2005. When it returned to the market in 2014, the asking price was a mere $175,000. It doesn’t appear to have ever been sold since.

The photo above the story is how the home appeared in the 1970s. It was posted on Facebook by former resident Frank Micallef.