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William Floyd students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade will return to in-person school five days a week on March 22, the district announced late Friday.

Middle and high schoolers will begin doing the same on April 6.

“Getting our in-person students back to school five days per week is the next step toward a complete re-opening,” William Floyd Superintendent Kevin Coster said. “Students learn best in person and the social-emotional aspects are also critically important for student growth and well-being.”

Since Jan. 19, each grade in the district has been hosting in-person school four per week. The schools started the year teaching students in person two days a week.

Getting the kids back to the traditional schedule of being in class five days a week is part of Stage III of the districts re-opening plan, following the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns instituted by the county and state during the 2019-20 school year. The district‘s all-virtual option continues to be available for the rest of this school year.

The district noted in a statement that state and county health and government officials have continued to assert that schools are the safest places in the community for students because of the multiple precautions in place.

In William Floyd schools, the measures include desk shields, masks, air filters with increased Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value ratings, social distancing and the all-virtual learning option.

The district also conducts thorough cleansing and sanitizing efforts daily after in-person learning and carries out aggressive contract tracing and strict quarantining standards, according to the district’s statement.

The all-virtual learning option will have some changes outlined below.

Click the links below for the class bell schedule in the upper level schools.

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