Brookhaven Town Councilman Dan Panico thanked members of William Floyd United Teachers for their donation of a “Little Library” recently installed recently by the Town’s Department of Parks and Recreation at Shirley Beach on Grandview Drive. 

Mike Devenney, union president and William Floyd High School English teacher, and Karianne Garfen, a middle school social studies teacher, said the donation is part of the organization’s commitment to “giving back” to the community. 

The idea of the “Little Library” book-sharing box, which provides community members with 24/7 access to free books, was first presented to the town earlier in the year by now-retired English teacher Maria Brandis.  People are welcome to take and or donate books. The books are for people of all ages.

Devenney said the Little Free Library project was spearheaded by Brandis and Garfen as part of the William Floyd United Teachers Local Action Committee, which focuses on cultivating a strong community-school partnership.

Upon Brandis’ retirement in June, Garfen continued the work with Panico.