Amanda Epp has dressed up and scared the daring souls who enter Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck’s Spooky Walk to raise money for special needs children since she was 9 years old.

“It’s just fun and a good cause,” said Epp, 30, of Center Moriches. “All the money goes to the camp.”

Last weekend was the last run of this year’s Spooky Walk and the last chance for community members to drive through Epp’s “Alice in Zombieland” and a half dozen other spectacles, but the memories linger.

Running for 32 years, the event organized by the Moriches Paquatuck Squaws converted to its first drive-thru iteration due to COVID-19. It opened on Oct. 16 in spite of pouring rain.

Attendees met Mitch, a body in a bag that Anthony Luigini drags, kicks and throws to scare off anyone who treads into Zombieland.

Angela and Kevin Ferrinton’s Wicked Woods came complete with a cemetery, a pumpkin patch and a few more surprises. This Halloween marks 20 years since the couple first met.

It’s the work of volunteers like Epp and the Ferringtons that makes the Spooky Walk possible, according to Marielle Frey, a Moriches Paquatuck Squaws board member.

“Everything is built by the volunteers, and they pick their own themes. Since the event has been running 32 years, we have loyal volunteers that come back every year.”

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A scarecrow surprising guests as they wait in line.
Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!