Select students across the William Floyd School District can choose to attend in-person classes four days a week starting Nov. 9 as part of Stage II of the district’s plan to reopen.

Stage II, according to a district press release, will allow students from kindergarten through eighth grade and high school seniors to attend in-person instruction Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The new, four-day option applies to seniors enrolled in the Career and Technical Education program.

Wednesday classes will continue to be held virtually, as educators need these days to record lessons for students participating in all-virtual learning, according to the press release.

The four-day plan does not affect special education self-contained students who will continue to attend in-person education five days per week.

The all-virtual learning option will continue to be available to students and families with medical issues and those who do not feel comfortable with in-person education at this time. The release stated there will be forthcoming details regarding improvements to the all-virtual experience for students and their families.

The size of the student body of each school building influenced the decision to bring grades K-8 and 12 back in-person for four days, but not grades nine through 11.

“Elementary school and middle school buildings have considerably less students than the high school, so that is why we are beginning with K-8 and high school seniors.”

Information regarding four-day in-person learning for grades nine through 11 “will be phased in subsequently,” with details coming announced in the near future.

With the influx of students during stage II, the release notes that maintaining six feet for social distancing may not be feasible in all scenarios. However, the release explains, the desks will be placed as far apart as possible and outfitted with plastic dividers. The district will continue deep cleaning and disinfecting after each school day.

Students and staff will still be required to wear masks.

Parents and students still have time to decide whether four-day in-person or all-virtual learning is best for them. Those looking to change their selection must contact their school’s main office or counselor by Oct. 23.

Families and students are allowed to switch their current plan once before that time and are asked to stay with their selection for the remainder of stage II, which will end late January 2021, according to the press release.

“This is the next small cautious step forward to getting back full time,” School board president Robert Vecchio said in a Facebook post yesterday regarding the stage II plan. “Our numbers in our district have remained very low and if that continues we will continue to move forward.”