William Floyd School District’s middle school students will receive “no mark” designations for the third quarter ending Friday, the district announced today.

The district’s spokesman, James Montalto, said in a statement that third-quarter work by students in William Paca Middle School in Mastic Beach and William Floyd Middle School in Moriches will be factored into fourth-quarter grades, whether that work was completed in school, in packets or online.

“Please know that the efforts of our students who have worked so hard over these past several weeks will not go unnoticed and be factored into their fourth-quarter grades,” Montalto said.

Additionally, the district is discussing third-trimester grades at the elementary school level. At the high school level, where the district was able to go online within one week of the first closure, grading will be similar to when schools are in normal session.

“We understand this is a stressful time,” Montalto said. “If a student is having issues with an assignment, please reach out to their teacher or administrator and explain the circumstances, ask for help or an extension. They will be understanding. We do not want to add any additional stress or burden to anyone at this time, but we are also doing our best to provide balance to ensure our students continue to succeed.

The district was for all its grades as of Monday, April 13.


  • Grades 9-12 Canvas went online March 23.
  • Grades 6-8 Canvas went online March 30 (issued one work packet for two weeks of work before going online).
  • Grades K-5 – Google-based platform went online April 13 (issued two work packets for four weeks of work before going online).

    Source: William Floyd School District