A parade of Suffolk police motorcycles and cars surprised two Bellport children today who had to cancel their birthday parties because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The department’s emergency service section, motorcycle section and canine section, along with a long line of cars with friends and family in tow, first wound through the Bellport development of Hayley Hyde, who turned 9 today.

Hayley Hyde, 9, watches as police, friends and family wish her a happy birthday from their vehicles.

“This is beyond what we expected,” said Hayley’s mom, Jackie Baggs, as friends, including those from gymnastics, dropped off gifts, honked their horns and shouted “Happy birthday!” from their cars while holding colorful signs.

Added Joanne Baggs, Hayley’s grandmother: “It’s my granddaughter’s 9th birthday and we’re celebrating big time.”

“There is no bigger party than this,” said Pat Tresham from her car. 

Roberto Cancel, 5, who wants to be a police officer, receives some gifts from a Suffolk police officer.

The police procession, joined by Commissioner Geraldine Hart, then moved on to the home of 5-year-old Roberto Cancel, who lives in the same development. 

“I hear you’re going to be joining us one day,” Hart said to Roberto, who was taking it all in. Hart left a gift bag on the floor for Roberto.

“This was amazing,” said Roberto’s mother, Darcie, who reached out to the department via Instagram to share that her son had to cancel his birthday party because of coronavirus restrictions and that his dream is to become a police officer. She said the department responded quickly. 

“I originally reached out expecting a car or two, and then they told me the commissioner was going to be here.”

Roberto’s father, also named Roberto, said he didn’t know about the plans until recently. 

“I’m so baffled and so very, very grateful.”

Suffolk Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart visits the home of 5-year-old Roberto Cancel to wish him a happy birthday.

Featured image: A Suffolk police offer gives Hayley Hyde’s mother, Jackie Baggs, some gifts in a bag.

Correction: The last names of Hayley Hyde and her mother, Jackie Baggs, were incorrect in a previous version of this story.