PSEG Long Island said it plans to work with other utility providers and government agencies to move utility poles on the south side of Montauk Highway in Brookhaven hamlet between Horseblock Road and Smith Road in response to a slew of accidents in recent years that involved vehicles veering off and hitting poles, often knocking out power to the area.

The utility’s decision is in response to a letter from Suffolk County Legis. Rudy Sunderman dated Nov. 25 after Suffolk Department of Public Works officials proposed major changes to the roadway that met with a negative response from the community.

The precise plan is still in its early stages.

Montauk Highway near the Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park in Brookhaven hamlet.

“PSEG Long Island is committed to the safety of our customers,” a spokeswoman said in a statement. “We are working with the county and other utility service providers to relocate the service on the south side of Montauk Highway to the north side to provide safe, reliable service for the area.”

According to Sunderman’s letter, the state recorded 11 incidents from 2017 and 2018 in which vehicles hit utility poles from Horseblock to Smith, and the Brookhaven Fire Department has informed him about additional accidents it has responded to.

The county’s initial plan had called for eliminating the center median, expanding the shoulders by 5 feet on each side of Montauk Highway and adding road shards along the shoulders and an audible delineator down the center to alert distracted drivers.

After a sometimes heated discussion, in which some residents expressed concern about more accidents and a lack of access for first-responder vehicles, Suffolk officials agreed to limit plans to adding reflective signs, seeking out more overhead lighting in cooperation with the Town of Brookhaven and adding shards along the current shoulders.