After a festive holiday season, right around New Year’s Eve, you may be joining millions of people in making resolutions. Stemming from an internal desire to change something about your life, you promise to take control of your health, lose weight, quit smoking, paint the house, change careers or learn a new skill.

This is why it is not surprising that January is the most popular month for these goals. In January, you are motivated, focused and productive. The desire to have a great year ahead and work toward a better you is intense! Gym attendance increases by about 45 percent, online dating profiles are more active by 22.5 percent according to ABC News, and purchasing of health supplements and fitness gear significantly rise says Channel Adviser. It is contagious to see others determined to have an improved and happier year.

new year's resolutions
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As February and March creep by, the momentum declines, with less action taken toward your goals. Right around April it seems your resolutions have melted away with the last winter’s snow. Research does show that only 7 percent of people follow through with their resolutions. Some blame a decline in motivation and others say it’s the daily grind of life, but either way, seven percent is a bit disappointing.  Only when people decide to choose self-worth over convenience will that percentage increase. Is your need to improve your life important enough that you are willing to go the extra mile? Are you ready to finally have a New Year?

We are, once again, drawing near to December 31. As you reflect over 2019 and realize you have re-lived the same year, yet again, will you create new goals? Will you choose to be consistent, to stay inspired and to put your resolution in front of what is easy? Will you remind yourself of the anticipated outcomes from staying the path? Can you be a part of that special seven percent who actually attain their goals?

New Year's Resolutions
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We have a variety of incredible professionals in our own neighborhoods that are excited to support you in keeping your resolutions. From lawyers to fitness trainers, therapists to decorators, enlisting help is a smart way to ensure you stay on course. There are also a wide variety of free resources available for you from YouTube tutorials to fitness apps and even classes at the local library. We live in an era of technology offering countless resources to help us along the way. The only thing that’s necessary in keeping a resolution is your desire to keep it. We are entering 2020, if this isn’t the year for change, then what year is?