A Colorado Springs police officer from Manorville who was shot in the head in the line of duty last year returned home to a hero’s welcome Tuesday.

Suffolk police, firefighters, family and friends lined officer Cem Duzel’s street waiting to catch a glimpse of him as he continues recovering from his injuries sustained from a gunfight with a suspect in August 2018.

Some family and friends wore “4901 Warrior On” T-shirts, representing Duzel’s badge number.

Duzel, 32, was escorted from a vehicle and waved to the crowd before heading inside his family’s home.

“We’re out here to show him that we support his heroism and we support his recovery. And it makes a difference when you’re struggling from a long-term injury like that,” said Suffolk’s Chief of Department Stuart Cameron.

Duzel’s father, Mumtaz Duzel, addressed the press and thanked the crowd.

“We been blessed with everyone helping us out and I don’t know how we would have done it without them,” Duzel said, adding that the people who assisted his son in Colorado, along with the Suffolk police and NYPD, are “a big family.” Duzel said his son “is going recover from this. He’s trying real hard. Considering where we were last year and now, it’s nothing short of a miracle.”