The current architectural design of Center Moriches, especially in a stroll on Main Street, lingers from its historical past of the late 1600s, when early Dutch and English settlers first arrived.

Many buildings have been renovated yet are still reminiscent of what came before. The style of architecture can be noted from curved gambrel roofs and white pillars that hold up front-porch patios.

At an almost exact halfway point between Brooklyn and Montauk, Center Moriches is home to 8,485 residents and has a population density per square mile that is 351% higher than the New York average. The Moriches area became part of Brookhaven Township on March 7, 1788.

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Railroad Avenue & Main Street

Built in 1888 by Dr. William Carr, this corner store was a shopping haven, with a bakery, doctor’s office, post office, drug store and an automobile showroom. It was demolished on Dec. 12, 1969. The location is now home to Rico’s Fine Men’s Clothing.

Photo from “Pictorial Memories of the Moriches Area” by August Stout Jr.