The Brookhaven Town Board passed two resolutions last night to spend $700,000 to pay for ongoing construction at the town landfill.

Near the start of the board meeting at town hall in Farmingville, the town’s Chief of Operations, Matt Miner, addressed the board to counter media reports that the town was planning to expand the landfill.

“The Town of Brookhaven is not expanding its landfill. Period,” Supervisor Ed Romaine repeated.

“That is 100 percent correct, sir,” Miner said.

“Cell 6, which was permitted by New York State DEC in 2002, was approved for 13 phases, and as the board knows, we build out those phases as we need them. Presently, we have constructed 10 of the 13 phases. We are actively working on phase 9 and 10 right now. And the board, through the capital budget process… approved the buildout of phases 11 and 12,” Miner said.

Town of Brookhaven landfill

Romaine added when that when Phase 13 is done, the landfill will close in December 2024.

“That is correct,” Miner responded.

Following his address to the board, Miner told GreaterMoriches that the board’s approval of $697,960 related to topsoil and subgrade alterations for Phases 11 and 12 was a more precise calculation of the cost for the project. Miner said the town would cancel or shift other projects to make up for the cost. “It will be budget neutral,” he said.

The entire Cell 6 construction project cost increases from $25.6 million to $27.3 million.

Separately, the Town Board approved increasing a bond from $28.1 million to $28.8 million, or $700,000 — rounded up from the actual cost — to pay for the work as outlined in the previous resolution.