The operators of Waterdrinker Family Farm & Garden in Manorville are seeking approvals Monday that would allow them to move forward with the Town of Brookhaven’s first farm brewery.

A group led by two brothers of the Weiss family, which runs the farm, as well as their friend, are slated to present a site plan to the town planning board that envisions transforms a 4,100-square-foot old potato barn on a 5-acre lot into a brewery and accessory tasting room.

Kirk Weiss, a managing member of the proposed brewery — which will eventually go by Long Island Farm Brewery, but is currently listed as Out East Brewery LLC in its application — is partnering with his brother Joseph and friend Nick Giuffre on the project.

“We’re going to put our own hops in our beer production,” said Kirk Weiss, 33, of Center Moriches, said. “We want to grow our own barley and wheat for beer production — all done on the farm.” He added that the farm brewery will look to incorporate other ingredients grown at the farm into the beer produced, such as lavender and corn.

“A regular brewery can get their ingredients from anywhere,” Weiss said. The state requires that farm breweries use at least 60 percent of their ingredients grown in New York State. In 2024, that requirement will increase to at least 90 percent.

The brewery is looking to produce 800 barrels in the first year and may reach out to a few local restaurants. Eventually, it will look to sell cans to go from the brewery.

“We’re also going to be able to sell other New York-produced beer, as well as New York-produced of hard cider.”

Richard Flynn, who is planning to build Moriches Field Brewing this year, welcomed the proposal.

‘The more, the merrier’

“With small brewers, the more, the merrier.”

The brewery side of the Out East Brewery proposal would take up a little more than half the converted barn, while the tasting room would include some family-style tables.

“We’re building a family-friendly atmosphere,” Weiss said. “We want to incorporate a farm and brewery together and just have a place for families to come together.”