Warmer weather makes exercising a breeze, especially in our beautiful Moriches area.  As we see more blooming buds and sunshine, we naturally want to get outside and feel the warmth on our faces.  Leave the stuffy gym scene behind for a more natural ambiance.

Let’s explore some fun ways to get fit outdoors.

Get walking, jogging or running.  The spring weather conditions are usually mild enough to be out at dawn, dusk or mid-day, so grab some friends, your kids or your fur baby and hit the road!  Bored of walking your neighborhood?  Head over to the beautiful Terrell River County Park, where you can hit the 2.6 mile scenic trail.  Leashed dogs are welcome!

Break out the bike.  Bike riding is an outstanding workout burning between 300 and 1000 calories per hour.  Studies show the cardiovascular benefits of bicycling decrease your risk of heart disease and other major illnesses.  Even better, the resistance of bicycling promotes muscle building, especially in the lower body region, so, ladies and gentlemen, get on your bikes and ride!

Go to the playground.  The playground workout has been gaining more popularity and for very good reason.   The springtime gives us prime weather to take advantage of this.  Bring your water and towel over to one of our many accessible playgrounds in the Moriches area, but keep in mind to steer clear of the schools when children are present.

Kaler's Pond Playground, Moriches

Credit: Carl Corry

For a total body playground workout you can start by warming up with some jumping jacks.  Head over to the nearest bench and you can perform alternating step ups.  You can use the back of the bench to do elevated push-ups, find a low bar at the monkey bars for inverted body rows and do some hanging knee tucks using the higher bars.  There are tons of playground workout variations you can use to burn calories and build muscle!

If you have slacked a bit during the winter, this is a great time to get back in your fitness routine.  The birds are chirping, we have more daylight and Mother Nature is calling you.