EmpanadaVille in Mastic Beach, owned and operated by the husband-and-wife team of Jessica Rodriguez and Justin Friedman, has been bringing authentic Puerto Rican food to the area since 2014.

The couple say they are thrilled customers represent both people who long for a taste of home and others who are new to Puerto Rican cuisine.

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“We love how much our customers love our food and their willingness to try new things,” Rodriguez said.

Now, for those who are unfamiliar with empanadas — these delicacies are baked or fried Latin American pasty that can be filled with almost any filling from meat and cheese to veggies or fruit. They can be either savory or sweet. The team at EmpanadaVille has more than 30 varieties for $2.95 each.

For those craving more traditional Puerto Rican flavors, EmpanadaVille also offers alcapurrias (fried plantain and yucca fritters stuffed with meat), rellenos de papa (potato balls stuffed with ground meat and fried), roast chicken, limber (Puerto Rican ices) tostones and for those seeking something truly special,  loaded tostones or their stuffed plantains.

While you can order a la carte, EmpanadaVille has a wide selection of entrees that can be mixed and matched.

Hungry groups can take advantage of their family and party Packs. A $40.95 selection comes with eight empanadas of your choice, a whole chicken, large rice, large beans, your choice of plantains or tostones and a two-liter bottle of soda.

Dessert at EmpanadaVille includes their signature flan and Puerto Rican ices, which are available in tropical flavors.

Most recently, EmpanadaVille was named one of the Top 12 places to eat on Long Island on News 12’s Food Fight and are now in the battle to be in the Top 3.

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Check out EmpanadaVille, a unique restaurant that will bring the delicious flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine to you.


374 Neighborhood Road
Mastic Beach, NY 11951
631.399.FLAN (3526)
Email: info@empanadaville.net

Sunday: 11:30am-8pm
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 11:30am-8pm
Wednesday: 11:30am-8pm
Thursday: 11:30am-8pm
Friday: 11:30am-9pm
Saturday: 11:30am-9pm