This Valentine’s Day we are looking to find out from couples in the Greater Moriches area with some of the longest marriages what has made your love last.

To get things started, we want to share our story.

Carl and I have been together since 1994. I tell him he stole my youth. He replies he saved my life. We were married in April 2000, so this year is our 19th wedding anniversary.

Having been together from such a young age, it’s been important that we have interests that don’t involve one another. It’s a great way to take a deep breathe and come back to a fuller appreciation of what we have in each other.

The other part of our lasting relationship is that we are friends. Whether it’s dealing with children or in-laws, our ability to anticipate problems and talk through them helps us every day.

And last, but not least, we do our best to find time to be alone and nurture our relationship.

So what’s your secret to marital longevity? You can use the form below to tell us below how long you’ve been married and what you think has made your love last! We could feature your love story in for Valentine’s Day.